Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Boxing Before WW2

Prior to World War 2 and after WW2 there was an active boxing league on Delmarva.  There were several rings including one in Delmar, others in Ocean City and Salisbury.  Mostly they would have one or two eight round matches followed by some 4 and 3 round matches, usually the local men fought the 3 and 4 round matches.  It is hard to identify a particular boxer since they frequently used a ring name such as "Kid" before their last name.  One boxer from Delmar in the pre WW2 boxing rings was Daly Williams.  I can only assume Daly was a ring name as I can't find any Williams in Delmar with the first name Daly.  There was a number of well known boxers with the last name of Daly, Dan Daly comes to mind as he fought as a boxer and died in 1930.    Anyway Daly Williams seem to stay on the local circuit for a while before vanishing after about 1935.

Other boxers of the pre WW2 era were; Kid Lewis-Chincoteague, Kid Lloyd-New Church, Kid Beebe-Chincoteague, Kid Mister-Crisfield, Kid McGovern-Parksley, Kid Crawford-Princess Anne, Kid Richie-Salisbury, Bob Williams- Cordova, Jack Raymond-Hebron, Freddy Jackson-Siloam, Jack Stanley-Crisfield, Chick Finney-Pocomoke, Bob Gadsby-Salisbury, Killer Crawford-Princess Anne, Nuke Fisher-Crisfield, Therm Bradford-Chincoteague, Ben Parson- Berlin, Bob Dennis-Powellville, Crowley Mears-Eastville, and Big Boy Smith-Princess Anne.

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