Sunday, February 11, 2018

The One-Legged Man and The Honeysuckle Rose Restaurant

George Henry Price, in 1946, came to his end.  He was living on East Street when his house was engulfed in fire.  By the time the fire department arrived it was too late to save him.  His body was later found on the floor.  Mr. Woodrow Horseman of West Street had stopped by the house to pick Mr. Price up as he worked for him at the Honeysuckle Rose restaurant and rooming house in Salisbury, saw the fire tried to save him, but the house was to engulfed in flames to do anything.

George Price was well known in Delmar as he rode a bicycle and you don't often see a one-legged man riding a bicycle.  He constantly challenged the white boys to bicycle races and usually won.

In 1927 Mr. Price was arrested for stealing chickens from Mrs. Polly A. Culver and from Mr. Gardner L. Hastings.  He was fined $500 and sent to the Sussex jail. 

In 1929, Mr. Price tried to steal chickens from Mr. Vincent Walls who lived west of Delmar on the Maryland side of the state line.  He had just recently been released from the New Castle workhouse for a charge of larency.  Mr Walls spotted him and fired a shotgun at him.  Mr. Price's leg was hit and so badly mangled from the shotgun blast that the Constable and Mr. Walls had to remove him to the Salisbury hospital.  At the hospital his leg was amputated.

In 1930 he was again arrested for stealing chickens from Mr.  Hughey Pippins, of near Delmar. He was given 18 months in Jail.

Woodrow Horseman (father of Gary Horseman) purchased the Honeysuckle Rose Restaurant and rooming house in 1946 from John Midkiff (related to Dale Midkiff the actor).  The restaurant was located at Lake and Isabella street in Salisbury.  Gary Horseman use to ride his pony from Delmar down to the restaurant after school to work in it with his father.  The restaurant and rooming house had several violent scenes in it, some of which Woodrow Horseman was involved in.  Woodrow Horseman was related to Vincent Walls, the man that shot George Price.   There is also a Wells - Midkiff connection but I do not know how much that influenced the purchase of the restaurant.  By 1951 the restaurant had been sold to William Robinson

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