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August Party in Delmar 1900


Pleasant Affairs Enjoyed by Young People There

Special to the Evening Journal, Delmar, Aug 27: A delightful social was given at the  home of Misses Polly and Lizzie Culver, on Thursday evening.   Among those present were: Misses Alice and Susie Hastings, Misses Clara and Stella Culver, Misses Maude and Ethel Hayman, Miss Laura Hastings, Miss Maude Melson, Miss Blanche Marvel, Miss Mabelle Hayman, of Delmar;  Miss Blanche Laverty, of Philadelphia; Miss Eurma Hastings, of Marlon, Md. Rodman of Norfolk, Howard Revelle of Baltimore, J. H. Loux of Laurel, Del.,  L. Allie Melson, George Ewell, Vernon Hastings, Herbert Sipple, William and Alvln Culver, Arthur German, Samuel Culver, Harry German, Claude Phillips, John Elliott, J. G. Jones, Fred Reese, Arthur Ellis.  Music furnished by George Ewell and Alice Hastings and social games were the principal feature of the evening.

Miss Gertrude Hearn gave at her country home a "barnyard party" on Friday evening, which proved a very successful affair. The party was given in honor of her guest, Miss Alma Bowdwin, of Philadelphia.   All outdoor games were indulged in until a late hour, when all were invited in to partake of the refreshments which were so bountifully spread. Those present were: Miss Blanche Laverty, of Philadelphia,  Miss Eurma Hastings, of Marion, Md., Miss Amy Ellis, of Sharptown, Md., Misses Clara and Stella Culver, Misses Polly and Lizzie Culver, Misses Maude and Ethel Hayman, Miss Alice Hastings, Miss Maude Melson, and Miss Ethel Hastings. Messrs. John Elliott, Rozier Francis, Harry German, William Marvel,  Arthur German, William and Alvln Culver, Allie Melson. Herbert Sipple,  Charles Sturgis, Harry Culver, Vernon Hastings, Hollie Melson, Ollie Hastings. Claude Phillips, Samuel Culver, Fred Reese, of Delmar, J. G. Jones, of Philadelphia, Howard Revelle, of Baltimore, Rue Hastings, of Marion, Md.

Above from The Evening Journal 28 August 1900

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