Sunday, June 16, 2019

The William Winder Hearn family

In front are William Winder (Wynder) Hearn (1836-1925) and his second wife Sallie Hastings (1848-1921).  His first wife was Eliza "Lizer"  Jane Jenkins (1837-1894) who is the mother of the children.

Standing starting on the left are Rosa "Rosie" Lee Hearn (1861- 1936 ) she would marry Elijah Holland Holloway 
Emory Ruford Hearn ( 1866-1943)   He would marry Mary "Mollie' Lane Beauchamp
Benjamin Thomas "Tommy" Hearn (1868- 1921)    He would  marry Alberta Mills
Ida  Ellen Hearn (1870- 1966) She would marry Quincy E Hastings 
Missing children are Martha Jane Hearn (1861- ) and George W Hearn (1862- )

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