Thursday, July 25, 2019

Francis Crosses The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Back in the 1950s there was a series of movies that featured Francis the talking mule and Donald O Connor.  The movies were loosely based on David Stern's 1946 book "Francis".  

On July 30,  1952 The Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened to traffic.  Various "firsts" were recorded such as the first person over the bridge etc. well, included in the firsts was Francis the talking mule was the first mule to cross the Bay Bridge.  On July 30th Francis, a 16 year old Missouri mule, was driven  across the bridge in his one mule trailer.  He was on a 40 city tour to promote his movies.   His promoters had wanted to have a photo with Governor Theodore Mckeldin on opening day but it didn't happen.  Maybe because McKleldin was a Republican and didn't want a Democrat symbol being in the picture.  From Baltimore they traveled on to Trenton. 

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