Monday, July 22, 2019

The Town Club

The Town Club was a private social club located on Delmar Road (N Salisbury Blvd today) by WBOC and the Casa-Del-Rey restaurant.  The club was organized in 1941 with 60 members and by way of a loan, they purchased the Thompson Restaurant. By 1947 they had paid off the loan and had 150 members.  Their charter limited membership to 250 people which at various times they had.

The club was organized in the days of gas rationing and members who lived in Salisbury would ride the city bus line to the city limits then walk another mile to the club.  The club was the setting for wedding receptions, bridge parties, dances, their annual income tax poverty parties, the annual New Year’s party, teas and buffet suppers.  Membership fees were $35 a person.  The membership by 1965 had decreased to a little over a hundred.   

In 1951 Holt Oil Company put in the Calvin Pusey Tydol Gas station along side the Town Club.  In the below picture you can see the Town Club off on the side.

In 1965 the club decided to sell the building and dissolve the corporation due to decreased membership and lack of interest.  It should also be pointed out that when the club was founded most members were in their 30s and 40s, 24 years later find them in their 60s and less interested in the club. 

The club was sold and Wallace Milton Scott ran it for a few years as Scotties Town Club
above 1967 ad when it was Scotties Town Club

By 1973 Pee Wee Hancock had put in a mobile home and used furniture and used car sales operation and Dan Zela Gardens (Fred and Ellen Dansberger) had an operation going there also.

All of this was demolished and today on the land is a Motel and car lot.

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