Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Delmar Camp Meeting 1872

From the Wilmington Daily Commercial Aug 14, 1872



The Delmar Camp-Meeting begins on Friday and already the notes of preparation are visible on every hand in that locality. There will be about forty tents, many of them two stories high.

By way of ministerial aid, the prospect is encouraging. Revs Jacob T. Price, Enbury Price, and J. N. Dubbine of the New Jersey Conference and Rev. Joshua Hamphries of Wilmington will be present all the time; Revs C. Hill, G. D. Watson, Wm Urie, W. E. England and others after Sunday and Revs N. M. Broome, Jones, E. White and E. Stengle there most of the time.

The camp will be largely attended by Delawareans and Marylanders and much spiritual good is expected to be accomplished. Round trip tickets are now sold from Wilmington, Seaford, and Laurel.

Last year there was much annoyance from drunkenness, but better things are hoped for this season.

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