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Sunday Dinner at The New Coffee Shop Laurel DE 1936

The New Coffee Shop in Laurel Delaware was started by Anne Studley Blades about 1934 in the Robert Sidney Studley barbershop on Central Avenue.    Anne Studley was a secretary for the electric company.  She had as her Assistance Manager, Garland Russell.  By 1936 they had moved to what was then Lindberger Avenue in the house that had been Dr Joseph Hitch.  The restaurant/Coffee Shop was a short lived affair and it probably closed up about 1938. 

1936 ad from the State Register

Anne Mary Studley (1898-1991) was the daughter of William J Studley and Clarissa Elliott Lloyd Studley.  Mr Studley had a grocery store on 6th street.  Anne sisters were; Pearl and Edna.  The Studley family was a very old New England family who came to Laurel when Epiphalet Studley moved there and was one of the first tailors in the town.  Epiphalet was also a civil war veteran. When Anne died she donated the Studley house to the Laurel Historical Society.  Anne was married in 1933 in Elkton Maryland to Mr William A. Blades but by 1940 was living with her parents unemployed and divorced.

1934 ad State Register

Garland Thomas Russell (1908-1979) was from Parksley, Virginia.  He was the son of William Thomas Russell and Effie Winfred Lewis.  Prior to working at the New Coffee Shop he had worked at The Georgetown restaurant in Georgetown Delaware.  In 1936 he married Kathleen Coulbourne Lyons of Seaford.  She was the daughter of Leon Lyons and Lelia Mulligan Lyons.  In 1936 he convinced a syndicate of men to construct a restaurant in Seaford on Arch Street and he would manage it.  The restaurant was called the Monticello Restaurant.  In 1938 E I DuPont built the nylon plant in Seaford and everything changed.  Shortly afterwards WW2 started and Garland Russell went off to war.  When he got back he went to work for DuPont as a purchasing agent. 

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