Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Dinner At The Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge On RT 50 near Hebron, is not a restaurant today.  In the early 1950s it was known as Bunky's Pine Ridge Restaurant.  It was just a roadside dinner and bar.  In 1957 I worked at Springhill Memory Gardens cutting grass and other things you would give a fourteen year old to do for fifty cents an hour.  If I felt fush with money I would walk over to the restaurant and buy a sandwich.

The Bunky part of the name was the nickname of the Giordanos' daughter, Edna, who married Jerry Hopkins.  Over the years it has gone through a few owners from the Giordanos (Hopkins) to the Braughlers to the Pollitts to the Mozingos to the Vanderheidens to the day care that it ended up being.   I am sure I have got the sequence of ownership/management wrong but it was something along those lines.
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