Thursday, June 25, 2020

Chief Charles Cullen

above 1938 Baltimore Sun Photo

Charles “Chuck” Mason Cullen was the Delmar Police Chief from 1963 to 1976.  He replaced Chief Everett Young.   He was born in 1911 in Franklin City, Virginia to Lee and Maud Joseph Cullen.  His father was a railroad man (Lee Cullen) who ended up in Delmar.  Charles had a brother, Richard Cullen, who was a well known lawyer.  Charles Cullen graduated Delmar High School and in 1938 became a Delaware State trooper.  He retired from the State police in 1958.   He married Marguerite Ann Pusey (1908 -1977) in 1939 and they had two children; Charles Mason Cullen (Chuck) and Richard Lee Cullen (Rick).  Marguerite was the daughter of Charles F. and Laura Pusey.  She would work as a receptionist at Dr.  Larmore’s office.    He married a second time to Margaret “Peggy” Remaley  Lekites  ( 1914-1983).  Peggy was a kindergarten teacher.

When Charles Cullen left the Police force he became a town councilman. At the time he was police Chief of the five man police force he made $186 a week.  In part, his reason for resigning as police chief was he felt his job was being interfered with by Town elected officials.  This has always been an issue with the Police Department who feel they have to report to no one and certainly will not be given instructions by civilians.  It apparently is an age old question as there is a phrase Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Or who will watch the watchman?  And it has been around for a long time.   Earl Hudson was the Delmar Delaware mayor at the time and Fred Disharoon was President of the Maryland side.

Charles Cullin died in 1994.

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