Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Dinner at West's Restaurant

above 1945 ad

West Restaurant was located on the corner of East Main Street and Popular Hill Ave in Salisbury Maryland.  It was opened in 1939 and closed in 1950.  The restaurant was owned by John W West and his wife Ida West.  The area has been demolished so we have no pictures of the building.

The restaurant ceased to be when the husband and wife had violent arguments and decided to sell the restaurant and end the marriage.  John West purchased it and sold off the contents which ended the restaurant business.

1951 ad - as you can see from the items offered for sale it was a well furnished restaurant for the time.

John William West (1887-1951) was born in Onancock Virginia to William Custis West and Annie Parks West.  He was educated as a lawyer and practiced law in Onancock.  He married Sarah "Goggy" Parks (1894-1991) in 1910.  They had three daughters; Frances Parks West, Mary Ann West and Margaret West.  They were divorced in 1926. 

John West came to Salisbury and was a successful realtor.  In 1929 he married Ida Kerr Aldridge of Burlington NC.  They had a son Harold "Hal" Aldridge West in 1931.  In 1939 they opened West's Restaurant.  They ran the restaurant together.

In 1948 Harold West graduated WiHi needless to say the West Restaurant had an ad in the yearbook (below)

After the 1950 divorce Ida would marry Garland Kellam a produce broker in Salisbury and Florida. In 1981 she would marry Horace Broughton Van Aiken.  She would die in 1997.

John W West would die in 1951 and is buried in Onancock Virginia.

Harold is still alive and living in Florida.

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