Monday, June 1, 2020

The Ear Iron

Long before Delmar existed but an interesting trivia thing

From The Jamestown Settlement facebook Page

Answer to History Mystery #62:
~Ear Iron (Oorijzer)~
It’s an ear iron or "oorijzer"! This piece of head wear became a common part of Dutch women's clothing during the 16th century and is still worn today with traditional costumes. By looking at original paintings, we can see how ear irons were worn during the 17th century. Its purpose was to provide a stable foundation for pinning the linen "coif" or cap that was worn over it.
An oorijzer was found on the skull of a woman at Martin's Hundred, another early 17th century English settlement near Jamestown. She is believed to have been killed during the 1622 Powhatan uprising but nothing else is known about her or why she was wearing an oorizjer. Was she a Dutch immigrant to England before coming to Virginia? Unfortunately we may never know her story.
This ear iron was made by journeywoman blacksmith Aislin Lewis based on research by Samantha Bullat.

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