Monday, June 29, 2020

F A Roberson 1913

The Delmar News January 1913.  It looks like a 1912 Maxwell

Frank Adrian Robertson (1884-1949) was the editor of the "Delmar News" he also raised and sold pigeons, was manager of the ball team and into a number of organizations.  He was born in Delmar Maryland to Joseph Robertson and Catherine Foskey Robertson.  Both died while he was an infant.  He started in the newspaper business early on, as a newsboy, and worked his way up to editor.  Frank married Mary E. Harris (1885-1930) in 1904.  From this marriage came John Parson Robertson.  In 1913 the "Delmar News" and the "Delmar Herald" combined with G T Jones as the editor.  Frank just couldn't get ahead financially and in 1913 the sheriff sold all his possessions including the car to satisfy numerous bills he owed.

Frank and his family moved to Washington, New Jersey and in 1919 he purchased the "Washington Star " newspaper.  He trained his son to be a reporter and an editor.  He was Mayor of Washington, NJ 1922-1923.  He sold his interest in the newspaper in 1927 and purchased the Canandaigua New York "Daily Messenger".  His wife, Mary, died in 1931.  After her death Frank returned to the "Star" in 1933 and remained with it until 1941.  He became a postmaster.  He remarried in 1933 to Elizabeth M Miller (1903-1984) and they had a daughter in 1933 Carolyn A Robertson (1933-1947).  The second wife is always younger than the first wife.   Frank would die in 1949.

His son, John, would marry Mary Wells.  John would die in an auto accident in 1933 at age 27.

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