Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Little About the Weaver and Culvers Flower Shop

1942 Ad

Paul Kohr Weaver and his wife Anita Weaver ran Weavers Flowers in Salisbury.  In  September of 1942 he hired in Horace Edward Culver (1911-1964) to manage the flower business for him.    Mr Culver was the son of Thomas Staten Culver (1863-1921) and Jennie Lee Windsor (1867-1944) of Delmar.   Prior to managing the flower shop Mr Culver managed a restaurant in Ocean City.

above 1941 ad

Horace Culver was a graduate of the Charles Baxter School of Floral Designing in Philadelphia. By 1943 he took over the Weavers Flowers Shop and changed the name to Culvers Flowers.  In 1944 he married Edna Rebecca Livinston (1904-1959) who was the daughter of Mr  Washington Robley Livingston and Anna Brown Livingston.  They would have twin daughters; Bonnie and Becky Culver.

The Culver Flower shop was in Salisbury but they did have a small shop briefly outside of Delmar.  The Flower shop in Salisbury changed location about every three years over the next 25 years.  In 1953 he put the business up for sale. At which time his employee Mrs Lucille Sturgis would leave Culver Flowers and open her own flower shop called Lucilles Flower shop.

The sale did not go through and Mr Culver continued operating the business

In 1959 Edna Culver would die of a heart attack.  In 1964 Horace Culver would also die of a heart attack.

The descendants of the Thomas S Culver family had a family reunion through the 1970s which was well attended. 

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