Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Southern Trade or Wide Track model T

as the article says the ruts made in the road in the south were wider.  This was due to the height cotton was dumped into a cotton wagon.  The extra width was required to prevent it from tipping over.   A normal Model T is 56 inches between the inside of the wheel hubs, the southern trade or wide track Model t was 60 inches. If a normal Model T was used on a road with "southern" ruts it would ride lopsided because both wheels would not fit in both ruts.

No ideal why this one was used in a strawberry field other then it was considered a junk car and just used in the field.  You may recall the vehicles W. F. Allen used in Salisbury in their peach orchards and strawberry fields in the 1950s and 1960s that had the tops cut off the cab and the doors removed from the truck and they called them goats.  Made it easier to hop in and out of.  Much like the watermelon buses in our area (called goats in Florida) of today back then any junk vehicle that would run was used on the farm.

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