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From The Bi State Weekly Friday, November 21, 1958



Daniel A. Joseph is in Sussex County prison charged with the murder of his wife, Beulah, 38, operator of a sub shop on State Street here.

Police said Mrs. Joseph was shot two times, once behind the ear and once in the shoulder. Dr. Joseph A. Elliott, deputy medical examiner for Sussex County, pronounced her dead on the scene.

The shooting occurred about 3:55 last Sunday morning after an argument that her husband attributed to jealousy, police said. There were no customers in the shop at the time.

Merrill Dashiel, night operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad, approached the door to the shop and was about to enter just as the two shots went off. He gave this account of the incident: Just as he opened the door he heard two shots and saw Joseph put a weapon in his belt and go out the door. Dashiel looked around to see what had happened and went back to his railroad office and attempted to call local police. after the phone rang several times he went back to the sub shop and was in the act of calling the Maryland State Police with the phone there when Joseph came back in. Joseph inquired what he was doing and he told him. Joseph asked Dashiel to wait a few minutes and Dashiel replied, "It's something that has to be done," and continued with his call. Maryland police learning that, called the Delaware State Police. Joseph left a second time but returned in a few minutes and waited with Dashiel until the police arrived.

He was arrested, arraigned before Magistrate Clarence Pritchett and ordered held in the Sussex County Correctional Institution at Georgetown without bond.

The Josephs came to Delmar a few years ago from Berlin, Md. They had operated the sub shop together until the latter part of August when they became estranged and Mrs Joseph had continued to operate it alone. she maintained an apartment in the Nero Building on Railroad Avenue and he was living in an apartment across from the shop.

Funeral services for the victim were held Wednesday in the Burbage Funeral Home in Berlin with the Rev. C. Norman Ehrlich pastor of First Baptist Church of Delmar officiating.

She is survived by two children, a daughter, Barbara, living in New York, and a son, Donald, a Marine private stationed at Pensacola, Fla. Her parents, Mr and Mrs. Grant Gleason, of Berlin and two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Knight, Farmington, W. Va., and Mrs Beatrice Kuhr, Brooklyn N. Y. , also survive.

Daniel Alva Joseph (1918-1973) would receive life imprisonment.  In 1961 his sentence was commuted to ten years. In 1963 after servicing half of the sentence he was paroled.  He would live in the Wilmington area and marry Mary Muzzi (1919-1981) 

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