Friday, September 27, 2019

Another Ebay Listings the 1940 Tomahawk Yearbook from Nanticoke Md

It isn't about Delmar but there is an interesting listing on EBAY for a 1940 yearbook from Nanticoke School on the west side of Wicomico county.  When there were small class schools they would take photographs and glue them into the yearbook instead of paying to have them printed.  You can see where a few photos have come unglued. 

Names of graduating seniors in 1940:
Marguerite Rena Roberts; Florence Mae Lowe; Amanda Elizabeth Dunn; Lee Carroll Foxwell; Edna Viola Anderson; Minnie Virginia Harrington; William Harrison Willing; Mary Jane Webster; Nellie Mae Rencher; Jeanne Taylor Travers; Edward Augustus Horsman; Gorman Lee Elliott (no photo).
Teachers; Beulah King, D G Bennett, *Virginia Nutter, Sheldon Dawson and *Sarah Adkins.

*Virginia Nutter (art teacher) and Sarah Adkins (music Teacher) were part-time and rotated to a number of Wicomico schools to teach a day at each school.

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