Tuesday, November 19, 2019

1816 Tax Collection

Mike Adkins, over in Ocean View, posted this page of Delinquency tax payers in 1816 from Indian River hundreds Sussex county tax records.  Most reasons for not paying is the taxpayer moved to a different hundreds but some simply had nothing and could not pay.  Mike's comments below.   

Old records have a bit of quirkiness embedded in them! How about being a “Good for nothing!”

Reading old tax lists for Sussex DE from 1802-18. About 898 pgs. This is how they were taxed back in a day. A person called a collector, from each hundred, who could read & write, set out to inventory & tax the inhabitants in their 'hundred'. They'd go to the county seat to see the property transfers since the prior tax year, then tax the new owner.

They were taxed several ways: a pole tax, a poor tax, road tax, publick tax & personal property tax. Many were delinquent...Tough time period. Right after the Revolution & during War 1812. If you are lucky, you can glean alot info from these lists. Their personal belongings, land holdings, even notating when they died many times.

Some of the entries will make you laugh!!...John Coffin was noted as, "Good for nothing!" highlighted in yellow & other remarks highlighted!..If you died, only having no estate, would escape you from paying...

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