Saturday, November 23, 2019

Franklin Truitt 1932

DELMAR, Del., Nov. 2. A youthful clerk, with rare presence of mind, prevented a Negro from getting the contents of a safe in the office of the Delmar Union Store Company early yesterday morning. The clerk, Franklin Truitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Truitt of this town, was leaning against the door of the safe when the Negro entered, and demanded the money in the safe. The youth, who is 16, managed to turn the combination on the dial with his feet and informed the Negro that he had forgotten the combination and could not open the safe. The man was not armed, according to Truitt, warned the boy not to move from his position and escaped out the front door. The manager of the store, Levater Hearn who had been out to get something to eat. believed that the Negro had been watching  his movement for some time and had chosen the opportunity furnished by his absence to try and intimidate the boy. Truitt reported the attempted hold-up to local police.
Above from The Evening Journal (Wilmington Del) November 2nd 1932

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