Monday, November 25, 2019

When better meals are served Roy will cook them

1950 the Esso Restaurant Delmar owned by Roy Cooper

The Esso restaurant was one of many restaurants Roy Thomas Cooper owned or managed.

above 1933 ad
Roy Cooper was the son of John William Freeney Cooper and Elizabeth Venables Cooper of Hebron.  Born in 1892 one of about eight brothers and sisters.  He spent most of his life as a cook.

above John and Elizabeth Cooper children.  Roy Cooper is at the far right. 

above 1942 ad and there is the phrase "When better meals are served Roy will cook them" 

1948 ad this is the one referred to as the Esso restaurant at the top.

After the Esso restaurant Roy would go to work for the English Company Restaurant as a chef.  He would spend 26 years with them before retiring.  He would die in 1976 at age 83.  He was well known in the local restaurant trade.

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