Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Dinner - Dillards Restaurant

From 1967 to 1997 you had no excuse for not taking the family out to dinner.  Dillards in Seaford was the place to go.  You could probably feed a family of four for Twenty dollars.  The restaurant was owned by Aubrey T. Dillard and his wife Mary Mae "Butch" Blades Dillard.  Prior to the Dillards owning it, it was the Tri-State restaurant. It was a classic dinner with a full menu of home cooking.  Located in a nondescript building on Route 13 north, it was a no frills place but good cooking and reasonable prices.  It was always packed.  Mr Dillard would die of cancer in 1998 and when the building was sold it became a an Englishs which should have been a good match but they screwed it up, the building stayed empty for a while and then became a Plaza Tapatia.  The building has since been torn down.

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