Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1939 The First Delmar Traffic Light

From the Bi-State weekly May 26, 1939


After one year's work the Delmar Lions Club was successful in having a blinker light placed at the intersection of US Route 13 and State Street in Delmar this week, when employes of the Eastern Shore Public Service Co. placed the pole and put up the light.

The club began its fight for a light last May after a series of accidents had happened at the intersection. Route 13 is a straight road for two miles on approaching the intersection and there it comes to a dead end. The club is still trying to contact the Maryland authorities in an effort to have a similar light placed at the Maryland intersection. The Delaware State Highway Department notified the club some months ago that a light had been purchased for the corner, but right-of-way have held up the project for four months. The intersection has been characterized by the Delaware State Police as one of the worst traffic hazards in the Delaware road system.

The light will show red on Route 13 and yellow for caution on State Street in Delmar. For many years officers, judges of the town, and town officials have disagreed as to whether or not Route 13 was a through street or State was the through street. With the placing of the red light on Route 13, this indicates that the state authorities feel that State Street is the main thoroughfare through the town.

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