Thursday, July 30, 2020

1990 New Mayor

From the Tuesday November 6, 1990 edition of The Daily Times


The shifting sands of town politics finally settled here Monday night when a new Mayor, two councilmen and an alderman took the oath of office.

Mayor John McDonnell and Councilmen Reginald Lizotte and Daniel Church, all newcomers to town politics, were sworn in and took seats behind the council table. McDonnell’s first act as mayor was giving an oath to former Councilman Don Godfrey, who resigned two weeks before his term would have expired to become the Delaware town’s alderman.

McDonnell, 39, defeated incumbent Mayor Samuel Bynum Sr, in an election last month. He slipped into Bynum chair and Bynum left immediately, carrying his pen, papers and nameplate.

“You may have the seat but not the name,” the ex-mayor said good naturedly after the two men shook hands.

McDonnell told the 45 residents present he would serve the town behind the council table and in his home. He gave out his phone number and said people should call him day or night with problems and questions.

“This is the first public office I’ve ever run for, and I wasn’t really sure I knew what I was getting into. After almost getting through this first council meeting, I’m still not sure what I’m getting into,” McDonald said.

“Whatever I do, I try to do the best I can whether it be washing my car, working at Western Publishing Co. in Cambridge, or being the mayor of this town.

Lizotte, 34, an electrician; Church, 35, a maintenance supervisor for a wood company; and McDonnell were all backed by a group called Concerned Citizens of Delmar. Both Lizotte and Church thanked members of the group saying they wouldn’t be on the town council without the help of the Concerned Citizens.

“I appreciate your nomination, everyone here who was involved,” Church said “I will do my absolute best to live up to the standards someone else has set for me.”

Long-time Town Manager Karen E. Horsman resigned after last month’s election to pursue other job opportunities. It will take several months to hire someone with expertise to handle the bi-state town’s affairs. McDonnell said. Meanwhile former Councilmen Carl Pollitt, who did not seek re-election in October, will serve as acting town manager.

“I only want to be here as long as I have to be. I’ll stay as long as I’m needed, but I don’t want this job. It’s just a little bit beyond me.” Pollitt said, “The laws are different and what is applicable in Maryland is not in Delaware and vice versa. It’s very, very complicated. I can assure you that I did not fully appreciate the job Karen did until she left.”

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