Friday, July 24, 2020

Chief J. Roland LeCates 1940

J. Roland LeCates and his wife in 1948

1940 Chief of Police J. Roland Lecates of Delmar, Delaware served about seven months as Chief of police.  He was appointed chief in December 1939 to replace Clarence Wilson.  Both Clarence and Roland were railroad men who had been furloughed.  Clarence Wilson was called back to work for the railroad and Roland was hired.  Roland resigned after he was called back to work in 1940 and was replaced by long time cop George Hearn. Roland and Clarence Wilson continued as special officers.

Joseph Roland LeCates (1894-1973) would retire from the railroad after 49 years of service.  He had married in 1914 Carrie Elva Berton (1895-1979).  They lived on Grove street and had for children; Elizabeth “Betty”  Leigh (1919-1965), and Madeline Grace (1917-2004).

He was the son of Joseph Henry LeCates and Margaret “Maggie” Parsons Round Smith  He was born in Delmar

In his months as chief he was noted for arresting hobos and vagrants that would ride into town on boxcars.

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