Friday, July 31, 2020

Drinking in Delmar - 1904

From the "Delmar News" May 20, 1904


One of the most disgraceful affairs that has taken place in Delmar for some time past occurred last Saturday night. The participants in this affair were several young men from Salisbury, ably assisted by some from Delmar. The Salisbury boys came up on train No. 80, arriving here at 10 p.m. with the intention of having a good time drinking brandy, purchased from a nearby distillery. They loaded up in a wagon and drove out into the country where it is said that all the brandy that was for sale was purchased. They returned to town and by the time they arrived here things were beginning to look double to them. From that time until the south bound passenger train at 2:50 a.m. they had a big time at least it seemed so to them. Several pistol shots were fired, and they had lots of amusement all to themselves, making things miserable for all who were unfortunate enough to be in the locality of the depot.

That young men will engage in anything so degrading is a disgrace to mankind, and there should be a law to prevent such affairs. It also appears to us that if we are to have no saloon we should also not tolerate such an affair as that of Saturday night. When the saloon was allowed to exist in Delmar we were not disgraced to any greater extent than this affair is a disgrace. If we are to have no saloon why should not the law affecting the sale of intoxicants be enforced to it's fullest extent?

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