Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sunday Dinner At Mason's Restaurant

above 1942 ad

Mason's Restaurant was run by Beulah Mason.  It was in the vicinity of West Snake Road and the used furniture store.  It operated as Mason's Restaurant from the early 1940s to 1947.  As you can see from the above ad for "Girl" it used the old custom of small restaurants with an extra storage room to offer their help room and board to make up for the low wages and to ensure they were available for whatever hours of work was needed. 

Beulah May Kellam (1900-1990) was born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Will and Ella Mason.  In 1918 she married William Thomas "Tom" Mason.  They had three children Emily, Margaret and Addie.  They were divorced in 1941.  She would later marry Harry M. Sylvester and continue to live in Delmar.  Harry was a dispatcher for Preston Trucking Company and a town councilman.

above 1947 ad

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