Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Few Mills Family Members

above 4 April 1944 Salisbury Times Photo

John Marion Mills (1890-1977) and James Lee Warren Mills (1888-1954) were brothers who worked on the Pennsy railroad.  They had another brother, Benjamin Stephen. Mills Jr who worked for the railroad in Crisfield and their father was Benjamin S. Mills Sr. (1863-1945)  who worked 48 years for the railroad, retiring in 1928.

Mr. Benjamin S. Mills of Delmar, a freight conductor on the New York, Pittsburg, and Northern railroad, lost both of his legs recently by an accident at Kings Creek.  Four cars passed over both legs , crushing them below the knees.  He was placed on a special train and taken to the Peninsular General hospital, Salisbury, where both legs were amputated four inches below the knees.  Mr Mills is the son of Mr. James Mills, formerly of Princess Anne, but now residing in Crisfield.
Above from The Baltimore sun 3 April 1904

Mr. Mills would get artificial limbs and go back to working for the railroad as yardmaster in Crisfield.  He had married Addie Messick and the two of them started a line of Benjamin S. Mills from Crisfield that extents to today.

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