Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Furloughed and Clarence Mathews

While employed in the car repair shops, yesterday, Clarence Mathews severed one of his fingers.  Mr. Mathews is one of the few employes in the Pennsylvania Railroad shops here who has been retained.  About 25 employes  have been furloughed.

Above from The Morning News 28 Nov 1923

Several property owners in Delmar who tenant their properties o renters endeavoring to aid the unemployed by reducing their rents.  Most of the unemployed in this town are furloughed railroad men, and they are not expected to be called back to work until March and April .  The reduction in house rent will do along way in tiding quite a number of them over until recalled by the railroad.

above from The News Journal 21 Sep 1931

The employee Clarence Hezekiah Matthews (1879-1958) lived on 7 E. Jewell Street in Delmar since 1913.  His wife was Mary Agnes Marvel ( -1960 ) they were married in 1904.  She was the daughter of William S. and Sallie Marvel.  After they were married they lived in Philadelphia and Norfolk  before returning to Delmar.  Prior to being employed by the railroad Mr. Matthews had attended Goldey College and taught school.  He retired from the railroad in 1947.  Clarence and Agnes had two daughters; Blanche Sallie Matthews (1906-1957) and Elizabeth Mary Matthews (1907-1942).  Sallie was named after Agnes' mother.   Clarence was the son of Henry Clay Matthews (1834-1917) and Sarah Gordy Matthews (1854-1900).  In Clarence Matthews WW2 Draft Registration he mentions his right fore finger had a scar.  Mr Matthews served on the Delmar Delaware council and in 1951 was appointed as a constable under Chief Philip Breyer.

below photo from the Salisbury Times May 22 1954

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