Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Wash Day Blues

Monday was a traditional day for washing clothes.  In Delmar, in the days of coal powered engines, it was one of frustration.   The women would be hanging out clothes as the trains were formed up and the shifters were going full blast.  Smut and cinders would be dropping all over town.  When I replaced the roof on the original house that had stood here for close to a hundred years, the attic and contents were covered in black soot and dirt, which I attributed to the railroad since I am only a block away from the tracks.

Note neither picture is of Delmar both were pulled off internet

Replacing Coal Burners, They have Rid Town Of Smoke Clouds
DELMAR, Del -May 17 - For the past four days Diesel locomotives have been taking the place of the old coal-burning engines in both freight and passenger service of the Pennsylvania Delmar Division, and for the first time in many years, Delmar is free of its overhanging clouds of smoke and dirt.
T. M. Goodfellow, division superintendent, said that the change from steam was due to the railroad strike, settled yesterday.  The soft coal mines in the western Pennsylvania territory were affected by the tieup and diesel engines operating in that area were assigned to Eastern territory.  With the end of the railroad strike these engines are being returned to their regular runs.
Long Range plans of the railroad call for the eventual dieselization of the Delmar division.
Above from News Journal May 17 1950.

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