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The Delmar to Cape Charles run 1944

above 1944 Salisbury Times

The conductor (the one on the right) is Walter Lee Elliott (1885-1951) of Delmar.  He married Helen Green and they had as children; Mary, Ada, William and Phyllis.  At this time he was blind in his right eye and had cataracts in the other eye.  He was a conductor on the Delmar to Cape Charles run. 

The brakeman (on the left); Littleton (Lit) Franklin Taylor (1888-1968)  also of Delmar, was born in Parksley, Virginia.  His parents would move to an area south of Pocomoke known as Beaverdam.  There he would find Winifred (Winnie) C. Hill and they would marry about 1914. 

Littleton's parents Revelle J Taylor and Sallie Justice Taylor ran the store and postoffice at Beaverdam.  Beaverdam was a cross road (well really one road that crossed the railroad track), it had a railroad siding and the store would sell tickets on the railroad.  

Sallie Taylor was the last and longest lasting postmistress.  The Postal Department would close the Beaverdam Post Office in 1933 and combine it with the Pocomoke Post Office. Sallie Catherine Justice (Justis) Tayor born 1868 to Isaiah W. Justice and Margaret Justice.  She married Revel (Revelle)  James  Taylor (1862 to 1907) on 5 Jun 1887 in Mappsville, Virginia.   Revel J. Taylor father was the son of Socrates Taylor and Margaret Taylor .  Revel Taylor was Post Master in Beaver Dam but died in 1907.  His wife Sallie took over the job.  Revel Taylor is buried in New Church. Revel and Sallie had as children; Littleton, Katie, Margaret and Auston.   Sallie died in 1951 and is also buried in New Church.
Of interest; Revel James Taylor’s father, Socrates F. Taylor died in 1904. He left all his property to his wife, except for two feather beds, one of which was given to his son Revel and the other to his son Wilbur.
But we are getting off track, Littleton married Winnie and they had as children; Agnes W., James Littleton, Howard Franklin, Margaret Hill, Mabel A., Lola Mae, and Virginia.  All had interesting lives, but we have to single Margaret out because shortly after graduating Delmar High school in 1939 she came down with infantile paralysis.  After not doing much in life she went to training in 1949 with the Maryland Rehabilitation.  She was able to find a job at Koontz Creamery in Salisbury where her brother also worked.  She married James Moses Carlisle in 1950.  She was office manager at a couple of companies later.  She would die in 2004.

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