Friday, March 2, 2018

The Delmarva Express 1944 Dining Car and Charles Courand

above 1944
This was a time when the passenger trains on Delmarva would carry 300 to 2000 passengers at a time.
Charles Courand (1905-1974) worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad at least long enough to draw a pension.  There is not a lot known about him.  His parents were Louis (1863-1920)  and Elise Cosandey (1875-1908)  Courand.  Charles and his brother, Edmund,  were raised by his Aunt and Uncle.  He seemed to have travel about, working in Panama Canal Zone prior to WW2.  Served a year in the Military.  Spent his working career in food service.  At some point he married Lillian Trenk (1905-2003).  He retired from the Tenafly New Jersey School system and died in New Jersey.

Tenafly High school 1969

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  1. That's is my grandfather. Very cool to see . I never had the honor to know him.