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Crime in 1938

GEORGETOWN DEL., April 14. - Reuben J. Holden, Little Creek District, charged with selling alcoholic liquor without a license, March 20, to Thomas Ross, a negro, representing the Delaware Liquor commission, pleaded guilty in the Court of General Sessions here and was sentenced to serve six months in the Sussex County prison.  Elmer Hearn, who was jointly indicted with Holden, was released having plead not guilty.  Deputy Attorney General Caleb M. Wright nolle prossed the case against Hearn.  Frank Baynum, of Delmar, convicted by a jury with committing an assault on Sherwin Williams, by shooting Williams in the stomach, March 31, was given a two year sentence in the county prison.  The jury returned a verdict of assault with intend to murder.  this some what mitigated the alleged crime and had a bearing on the sentence imposed. Baynum claimed self defense.

Above from the Worcester Democratic Messenger April 14, 1938

Reuben J. Holden, was Reuben David Holden (1898-1956)  well known Delmar bootlegger, restaurant, dance hall owner and pool hall owner, made the news often on charges from selling liquor to wife beating to  fights to leaving a dead mule unburied for over 24-hours, after getting out of jail on his april charge he would be arrested again for the same thing, this time however his German police dog bit the revenue agent.  Holden had worked for the railroad in the 1920s until getting into a fight. He was the son of Elijah and Louisa Holden and was born in Pocomoke City Maryland.  His wife was Minnie.

Thomas Ross Mr Ross was used as a buyer of liquor in the 1930s he is cited in a number of cases in Sussex county

Elmer C. Hearn (1884-1960) son of John and Elizabeth Hearn, was a mechanic, stayed in some alcohol related problems, moved to Chester PA

Sherwin Williams - no information

Frank Baynum is misspelled he is Frank Bynum, son of Robert and Sarah Wood Bynum of Delmar.  Mr. Bynum was 19 at this time and in a crap game with Sherwin Williams when they got into an argument and Frank shot Sherwin with the bullet hitting Sherwin's belt buckle deflecting the bullet causing it to lodge in his leg instead of his stomach.

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