Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1977 Newspaper Photo of Baltimore and Eastern Railroad caboose

As you see in the photo the locomotive is pushing or shoving the caboose.  The caboose was sometime referred to as a shoving platform, as when the engine pushed or shoved the line of railcars the caboose would be at the front of the line.  There the crewmembers would watch the track for any objects that may be on the track.  They would have a handheld radio or access to an air horn to warn the engineer of problems.The shoving would usually be onto a siding so after the railcars would be dropped off on the siding the engine would then be in a position to "pull" the railcars with the caboose in it usual position at the rear.  

The B&E was a rail line from the Chesapeake bay ferries that would arrive at Claiborne and continue by rail to Ocean City.

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