Monday, January 22, 2018

Train Trivia

When the tracks were laid to Delmar in 1859 they were made of iron and rated at 60 pound.  Since that time the track has been upgraded to steel track that is rated at 100 to 135 pounds.  In general the heavier the track the more weight it can carry and the faster the trains can go.

The rated weight is based on how much a three foot (yard) section of track weighs thusly 135 pounds track should weight 135 pounds for a 3 ft section.  Most of the track in Delmar is rated at 135 pounds and it is 33'6" in length.  You would think it would be an even increment of 3 ft but it isn't. Altho the main line is rated at 100 pounds where there is switching of cars at siding and where the train rest or parks on the rails,  the track is 135 pounds.  If you can ever find a rail that is not bolted into place the rating should be imprinted at the end of the rail plus the date and month it was created.

The track on a railroad consists of the rails, fasteners (Fishplate), railroad ties, and ballast and the subgrade.

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