Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Yacht "Blue Heaven"

In 1928 noted vaudeville crooner Gene Austin released "My Blue Heaven."  His actual name was Lemeul Eugene Lucas (1900-1972) and he was from Texas.  Besides "My Blue Heaven" which has been sung since by a wide number of singers, he released "Bye Bye Blackbird" and "Ramona."  He lived in Baltimore for a while and in 1929 he ordered from the Salisbury Shipping Company a cabin cruiser to be built and named "Blue Heaven."

In June of 1929, 200 people came to the shop yard in Salisbury to see it launched.  The newspaper of the day reported that many people from Delmar were in the crowd. The yacht was 55 ft long, twins screw motors, accommodations for 8 passengers and 3 crew members, all at a cost of $36,000.  Kitty Morgan, daughter of Lewis Morgan, manger of the company christened the yacht by breaking a bottle of champagne across it's bow.  This was the second yacht Mr. Austin owned called "Blue Heaven."

Katherine "Kitty" Morgan would die in 1988 at the age of 89.  She was associated in business with her brother William E. Morgan of the Salisbury Pepsi Cola bottling company.

When whippoorwills call, and evenin' is nigh,
I hurry to my blue heaven.
Turn to the right, there's a little bright light,
Will lead you to my blue heaven.

You'll see a smilin' face, a fireplace, a cozy room,
A little nest that nestles where the roses bloom.

Just Molly and me, and the baby makes three.
We're happy in my blue heaven.

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