Tuesday, January 23, 2018

William H. Cannon - Barber

William H. Cannon (1883-1932) was a barber in Delmar from about 1900 till his death in 1932.  W. H. Cannon was the son of Edward and Lucy Cannon.  Mr. Cannon married Mattie Marie Hudson (1885 -1969) on June 26, 1905.  Mattie was the daughter of Thomas Henry  and Julie Beauchamp Hudson.  William and Mattie had a daughter, Aline Elizabeth, in 1906.  The marriage had difficulties and after about 1910 the couple frequently lived apart.  In 1931 Mattie Cannon filed for divorce and was granted a divorced on grounds of Mr. Cannon's Habitual Drunkenness.  

William H. Cannon would die in the Brandywine Sanatorium near Wilmington.  He had been put there for pneumonia and kidney trouble.  He was a masonic and was one of the players and sponsor of Delmar's first baseball team.  He appeared in Delmar news columns as being ill with a "nervous affliction" a number of times.

Mattie Hudson Cannon would marry in 1934 to B. Charles Williams.   Mr. Williams would die in 1941.  Mattie would die at the age of 84 in 1969.

Aline Culver would marry Daniel C. Culver in 1927.  She would be active in the town of Delmar, notably serving on the school board.  She would pass away in 1995.

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