Saturday, April 7, 2018

Charles H. Anderson

Mr. Anderson of Delmar, a fireman on the extra south bound morning freight was killed near Broad Creek Friday morning.  While the engine was in motion he was raking the cinders out of the front end and his foot slipped and falling in front of the engine the whole train passed over him.  His remains were picked up and carried to Delmar.

Above from The Democratic Messenger (Snow Hill) Nov 23, 1895

Mr. Charles H. Anderson of this city, a Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore fireman, was killed yesterday morning at Broad Creek station on the Delaware railroad.  Anderson left Wilmington on Thursday night with engineer James T. Ingle.  Early yesterday morning   Anderson went out on the front of his engine to “wipe out,” when he lost his foothold on the slippery engine and fell under the engine wheels.  The body was brought to Wilmington last evening.

Above from The Morning news (Wilmington) 16 Nov 1895

I had thought when I read the first article that Anderson was from Delmar but in researching I found he was from Wilmington.  I think the confusion comes from the pieces of his body were first brought to Delmar and then sent to Wilmington.  He was only 22 years old and single.  His parents were possible Andrew Anderson and Lucretia J. Bostic Anderson of Wilmington.  

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