Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Old Mill Building

The Old Mill Crab House opened this weekend for the season.  The building has had a number of businesses in it over the years.  George W. Sparrow opened a feed store and lumber mill there originally about the late 1930s.  The name Old Mill came from the sawmill there.
The Old Mill Today, It was purchased by Hilary Prouse of Prouse Enterprises in 2008 from Robert and Bernadette M. Kowalski

In 1983 Robert and Bernadette Kowalski converted the building from a hardware store to a crab house. See the above ad with view of building before expansion.  Later they expanded the building to a 299 seat restaurant.
The building in 1998

In 1977 Willard Prigge opened the building as a hardware store - Delmar Country Hardware

In 1968 Bryan and Brittingham used the building as a temporary feed and hardware store due to the fire they had at the Bi-State Blvd Location.

In 1966 Bill White opened a farm store in the building

In 1962 the building housed S & M Furniture Store

 About 1958 and into 1960 George Sparrow discontinued his Feed and Lumber business

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