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Warren Edward Bruce


Delmar Jun 2 – Funeral services for Warren Edward Bruce, 37, fatally injured late Friday beneath  the wheels of a shifting freight train at the railroad yards here will be held at a Brooklyn, N. Y. Church Thursday.

Following cremation of the body burial will be held in Plymouth, Mass.

Besides his wife, Mrs. Mary Bruce, he is survived by three children, Nancy, Ann, and Robert Bruce, all of whom recently moved to Delmar, and two sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Shirley and Miss Hazel Bruce of Brooklyn.

Above from The Salisbury Times, 4 June 1945

Warren Bruce (1908-1945) was one of many railroad workers transferred to the Delmarva line, due to the man power shortage created by the war.  He and his family lived on old RT13 south of Delmar.  His wife was Mary Markos ( -1995)whom he married in New York in 1937.  She was the daughter of George and Martha Sioras Markos.  Warren was the son of Donald and Ellen Bruce and he was born in Maine.

One of the three children named as Ann in the article was really Alan Scott Bruce (1942-2008).  In 1946 his mother would change his name legally to Warren Scott Bruce.  He was usually referred to as Scottie.  The other children were Nancy Southworth Bruce (1944 1987) and Robert Douglas Bruce (1940-2006).  Since they had moved from New York and were here only a few months before Warren Edwards Bruce death you might think the wife and children would move back to new York but it is unclear if they did for a short time as about 1948 Mary married Henry Paul White Jr (1917 -1986) from Delmar.  It is unclear how many children Mary had by Henry, certainly Marietta White was one.  Other children were; Lola, and Henry.  By 1957 the marriage seem to be over and Mary was living in Fruitland and Henry was living in Bethel.  In 1961 she changed her name back to Mary Bruce was living in New York.  Eventually the first three children and Marietta would come to live in New York.

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