Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Marines Have Landed

One hundred U. S. Marines passed through here on Wednesday, July 28th, on a special train en route from Philadelphia to Jamestown, Va.  They were in charge of a Major and a Captain.

The train stopped here for a half hour and the restaurants were called on to give 100 hungry marines their dinner.  The Railroad restaurant was prepared with a big batch of sandwiches, and sent them, together with hot coffee over to the station. The officers must have decided, however, that the men were entitle to better grub, for the bunch was broken up into three squads and a squad sent to each of the local restaurants.  Each of the eating houses were filled to overflowing, but all were fed in the short time allowed and went on their way rejoicing.

Above from the Delmar news page of the Wicomico News, August 1920.

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