Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Gripe Room

Photo was labeled "The Gripe Room at Delmar Station waiting for Train 455."  Photo was about 1950 and the people are not identified.

I would guess the two on the right in light colored pants are the mail clerks as this train had a RPO car.  The one on the right in hat, glasses and light pants is Norman J. Elzey Clerk-in-charge.  On the back on the far left I think is the brakeman Littleton Taylor whom a 1944 picture of him was posted on this blog previously and the man sitting in front of him is the engineer Mr. Short.  The others, based on their dress, are brakeman but again this is all a guess.

From some photos I have looked at of railroad men there seem to a general dress custom; the engineer wore coveralls, the brakemen wore the square cut jackets and overalls and the conductors / signalman had a suit/uniform.  These two mail clerks are wearing light pants but in other photos there does not seem to be uniform dress method.

This photo is from the Norman J. Elzey collection at the Nabb Research center Salisbury University.

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