Sunday, June 3, 2018

Harry and Dollie

DELMAR, Del Oct 5 – The engagement of Harry E. Hastings, a merchant here, and Miss Dollie Dickerson, of Girdletree, Md., has been announced.  The wedding will take place about October 20.

Above from Philadelphia Inquirer Oct 6, 1912

The couple was married October 9th of 1912 in Salisbury.  Dollie was the daughter of Thomas S. Dickerson and Emma White Dickerson of the Stockton/ Girdletree area.  Dollie had a sister, Sallie C. Dickerson, who was married to Harry H. Ellis of Delmar.   Harry Elmer Hastings (1891 -1918) was the son of Charles E. and Martha W. Hastings of Delmar.  Harry would go to work for the railroad and in 1918 be one of the many who would die of Spanish influenza.  He is buried in St Stephens cemetery.  At the time of his death Harry and Dollie had for children; Harry E. Hastings (1913-1913), Dorothy Elizabeth Hastings (1914-1978), Clara Hastings (1916-  ), and Alice Madolyn Hastings (1917-1982).  Dollie would leave her children with her parents In Girdletree and go to Baltimore to work.  About 1930 she would remarry to William Joseph Kern (1889-1967) and they would have Virginia Lee (Peggy) Kern in 1931. He worked for the Railway Express Agency in Baltimore.  Dollie would die in 1967.   

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