Saturday, June 9, 2018

Two Defunct Family Owned Drugstore Chains In Delmar

Happy Harry’s discount drugs opened a store in the Delmar Commons in 2007.  The chain however was already being sold to Walgreens. So for a while the Delmar store was “Happy Harry’s a Walgreen Pharmacy” but by 2011 it was changed to just another Walgreens It was a family owned drugstore chain founded in 1962 by Harry Levin.  When Harry died his son Alan Levin took over and turned it into a 64 Delaware location chain and another 10 in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

Edgehill Pharmacy was located at 8 Grove street in what was the vacant Dashiell’s Hardware Store.  I am unclear when it opened at that location, somewhere around 1971 perhaps.  That store closed about 1990 moving to the State Line Plaza Delmar location.  After it left Angie’s Pizza moved in to the Grove St location, then later Bi-State Pharmacy.   Edghill was a regional 25 store drugstore chain that was sold in 1999 to RiteAid.  In 1994 it moved it’s headquarters from Nassau, Delaware to the Industrial park in Georgetown Delaware.  It had stores in Delaware and Maryland. It was founded by Stanley Thompson (real estate developer) about 1957 and run by his son Blake Thompson.  It took it’s name from their first drugstore to open in Dover’s Edgehill Shopping Center.

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