Sunday, June 10, 2018

Researching With Newspapers On The Eastern Shore Of Maryland

Here are a few newspaper links that I use most often.  They are all free.  There are many other newspaper links as most states have a digital library you just have to search for them.  Altho your search person may not have ever lived in a different state, newspaper back than, like today, newspapers pick up articles from other newspapers and publish them. 
so here they are;
Chronicling of America the library of congress site.  newspapers united states wide between 1830 to 1922 more or less. look at advance search to home in on a state or time period or particular newspaper. or just use the general search

Nabb research center (part of Salisbury University) has local papers on line generally between 1790 to 1924

click on research and collections
click on search newspaper collection
click on search digital newspapers
left sidebar search term use "   "  around a name unless it is just a last name like powell

This link to Elephind searches a number of newspapers in the US and world.  On the left side bar is a filter, limit it to the United states unless you are looking world wide.

Google newspapers archives an interesting assortment of papers sometimes you can get good results

Somerset county library digital newspapers newspapers from abt 1830 to 2000
note five newspapers in the drop box you will have do a search on each of them – will bring up crisfield post first see drop box arrow

Worcester County Newspapers again local from  abt 1800s to 2000

as an additional note when looking for a person remember that often their name was printed as simply his first two initials followed by a last name.  Also married woman only had first names before they were married and then after their husband died so you will have to look for "Mrs. John Doe Smith" instead of Mary Smith.  So when looking, do several searches before you give up such as;

"John Doe Smith"
"John D. Smith"
"J. D. Smith"
"J. Smith"
"John Smith"
"Doe Smith"

Also in this area Nicknames are used as often as actual names.  Even the newspaper will use them

Remember regardless of the most unique name you can think of you will find several people have the same name when you do your search.  Use common sense to decide if you have the right John Doe Smith

When I find an article I am interested in I use snipping tool to cut it out.  It is in my windows accessory package so I assume you have it also.

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