Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Drew Family

1936 ad

It is always difficult to try and write about bands in the 1930s and 1940s.  You can never tell who is in them.  Like bands today the name may stay the same but the members will come and go.  The ad above is for the Club Casa Lona, south of Delmar.  It would become later, Jim’s restaurant, and then finally the Cozy Cabin Restaurant.  

The Harmony Kings were out of Pocomoke, as it says The Shores Finest Colored quartet, and that is about all I know about them.  Now Al’s Cavaliers; and Alberta Drew, Blues Singer.  Again not much is known about Al’s Cavaliers but if Alberta Drew (17 years old in 1936) sang with them there is a very good chance that her brother, Eddie Drew, was in the group also.  Alberta Drew ( Mary Alberta Drew - 1919-2011) and Eddie ( Anthony Edward Drew 1909-1979) were the daughter and son of Albert V. Drew and Magdalana Medwick Drew.  All were from New Jersey and moved to the Bridgeville area about 1935.   Eddie had a band and played at a number of night clubs on Delmarva.  Eventually he would make his living as a music instructor and his sister and he would play every amateur musical/theater production in the area.  They also played and sang at weddings and he continued to perform in bars and night clubs

 above 1964

Alberta would marry George Samuel Smith and divorce him in 1955.  She would later marry William Robert Favinger (1914-1988) and live in Pots Net.

In 1957 Victor R. Adams , Eddie Drew and Alberta Drew Smith wrote a song called “Back Home To Delaware” that was played at the Delmarva Chicken festival.  Below is the song or at least the words. 

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