Friday, December 20, 2019

A 1928 Photo of Salisbury

over on Facebook, the Edward h Nabb research center has posted an aerial photo of Salisbury in 1928.  The photo is posted on Fickr at this address

Frankly I don't recognize much in the photo because when the "bypass" (Salisbury Blvd) was built in the 1930s (after the photo) businesses moved to it and changed the whole layout of Salisbury, but of general interest to me is the railroad track and railroad activity shown in the photo.  If you zoom in on it there is a large white circle area that is a baseball field to the left of it is the old ice plant (sign saying cold storage) where EVO beer is now.  Following the tracks down (south) you will see the large Jackson shirt factory (the cause of the 'S" curve on Rt13) and a number of tracks leading into the loading area.    Following the track up (north) you can see the train station and watch tower and ES Adkins.  To the right of the station  you can see two raillines (one at the station and one north of the station)  coming together into one track and heading east to Ocean city.

By the way you can't zoom in on the photo I posted you have to go to Flickr to zoom in .

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