Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday Dinner At Murray Brothers

Murray Brothers Restaurant existed from about 1948 to 1956 in one form or another.  It originally was run by Lee and Earl Murray and was located on Salisbury Boulevard (Rt13) and Market Street in Salisbury.   It was open 24 hours a day which had advantages and disadvantages.  Being on Rt13 it caught the all day – all night traffic going by - on the other hands you got the drunks coming in after the beer joints closed.   They may have advertised plenty of parking but their parking lot could only hold about six cars.  Up until 1963 parking was allowed on each side of Salisbury Boulevard and the businesses on RT13 didn’t have to have a parking lot or at least not a very large parking lot.  In 1953 Ralph Earl Murray bought his brother Lee out and ran the business by himself.  The named was changed to Murray Restaurant and later to Boulevard Restaurant. 

In 1956 it went out of business. Today the lot it was on is a parking lot

Murray Brothers is the odd shaped building with the "L" shape sign off the front of it and to the left of the gas station.  You will notice the cars parked on the RT13 bypass

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