Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday Dinner At Delenia's Restaurant

above 1934 ad

Another “Good Place To Eat”

Not much is known about Delenia’s Restaurant, it operated under that name from about 1932 to 1937.  It is believed it was run by Delenia Mae Hearn (1912-2000) and possibly her brother Louis (lewis). Delenia had worked at the Diamond State restaurant on Bi-State Blvd with Thelma Powell prior to opening her own restaurant. 

Delenia was the daughter of Richard Elwood Hearn and Lillian Purnell Hearn.  She was the second youngest of the family (born 1912) and the only other daughter.  Her siblings were; Herbert, James, Louis, Harold, Grace (Elizabeth),  and Harry.  The mother, Lillian would die in 1922.  The father, Elwood, worked on the railroad as a brakeman.
Delenia Hastings 1939

   In 1937 Delenia would marry Charles William Gordon Hastings (1905 -1998). He ran a filling station, worked for the railroad and was a painting contractor. They would have one daughter, Barbara Ann. Most of the Hearn/Hastings family is buried at St. Stephens Cemetery. 

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