Saturday, December 14, 2019

Herman Duffy

1927 ad

Herman Duffy (1887-1957) ran a drycleaning store in the old Stone Hotel.  He was married to Hattie Louvenia Parsons Duffy (1888-1987).  They had one son; Joseph William Duffy (1919-2009) who would move to Georgia and be a drycleaner presser.  They were one of the few Black families in Delmar who owned a business.  Herman Duffy was born in Wango, Maryland and started out as a waiter in the Stone Hotel. Hattie Duffy, besides working at the Twin Lantern restaurant and Penn Hotel, also ran the Duffy Restaurant in Delmar.  About 1945 Herman Duffy left the drycleaning trade and in his finally years was a school bus operator.  He and his son were on the board of trustees for the colored school in Delmar.

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