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1880 Census for the Village of Delmar Maryland

1880 Census Village of Delmar Wicomico Maryland Election Dist 9  - June 1 1880 by Saml E Foskey
Unless otherwise indicated the race of everyone is white

H1/1 Hodgson, Richard  Age:  49 Head of Household Hotel Keeper
 Hodgson, Elizabeth Age:  37 Relationship: wife
Hodgson,Thomas J Age:  17 Relationship: son
Hodgson,Florence Age:  12 Relationship: daughter
Wilson, Margaret BLACK Age:  25 Relationship: servant

H2/2 Ellis, Stephen E Age:  25 Head of Household Laborer
Ellis,Charles Age:  11 Relationship: son
Ellis,Caryrall Age:  9 Relationship: daughter
Mills, Mary A Age:  56 Relationship :mother in law

*H3/3 Venables, James B. Age:  29 Head of Household works for RR
Venables,Anna Age:  21 Relationship: wife
Venables,Elizabeth Age:  8/12 Relationship: daughter

H4/4 Elliott, William Age:   45 Head of Household laborer
Elliott,Amelia A.  Age:  42 Relationship: wife
Elliott,John B.  Age:  17 Relationship: son
Elliott,Leva F. Age:  14 Relationship: daughter
Elliott,Samuel W  Age:  11 Relationship: son
Elliott,Charles A. Age:  8 Relationship: son
Elliott,Jennie F Age:  3 Relationship: daughter

*H 5/5 Sirmon, Henry B. Age:  36 Head of Household RR Section Hand
Sirmon,Sally E. Age:  35 Relationship: wife
Sirmon,William T.  Age:  15 Relationship: son

*H 6/6 Williams, William A. C.   Age:  33 Head of Household Organ Salesman
Williams,Alfaretta M.  Age:  26 Relationship: wife
Williams,Linwood Age:  11/12 Relationship: son

H 7/7 Elliott, William B Age:  21 Head of Household Brick Molder
Elliott,Ellen Age:  19 Relationship: wife

*H 8/8 Slemon, Albert B. Age:  47 Head of Household Physician
Slemon,Elizabeth Age:  43 Relationship: wife
Slemon,Samuel K  Age:  20 Relationship: son teacher
Slemon,Albert A.  Age:  16 Relationship: son
Slemon,Marion H Age:   8 Relationship: daughter
Slemon,Mary L.  Age:  4 Relationship: daughter
Dashiell, Minerva BLACK f Age:   13 Servant

H 9/9 Dunn, Erasmus M. Age:   34 Head of Household Brakeman
Dunn,Pauline Age:  33 Relationship: wife
Dunn,Albert Age:  9 Relationship: son
Dunn,Carrie  Age:  6 Relationship: daughter
Dunn,Nellie Age:   4 Relationship: daughter
Dunn,Lizzie Age:  2 Relationship: daughter
Dunn,Alverta Age:  2/12 Relationship: daughter

H 10/10 Vincent, Peter W.  Age:   40 Head of Household
Vincent, Anna E age  32 Relationship: wife
Vincent, Elizabeth  Age:  64 Relationship: Mother
Unreadable Levin J.  Age:  40 Relationship: Boarder Bar tender

*H 11/11 German, Mitchell H  Age:   29 Head of Household Brick Manufacturer
German,Frances A. Age:  31 Relationship: wife
German,Leroy E  Age:  7 Relationship: son
German,Rosa B Age:  5 Relationship: daughter
German,Matilda E. Age:  3 Relationship: daughter
German,Sarah E.  Age:  1 Relationship: daughter
Boyce Martha Age:  20 Relationship: servant

H 12/12 Foskey, Sally W Age:   66 Head of Household
Foskey,Mary C.  Age:  27 Millener

H 13/13 Foskey, Daniel H. Age:   33 Head of Household Merchant
Foskey,Anna M. Age:   31 Relationship: wife
Foskey,Marion Age:  4 Relationship: son
Sedgwich, Lola Age:  8 Relationship: niece

H 14/14 Gillis, Joseph Age:   63 Head of Household Farmer
Gillis,Elizabeth  Age:  60 Relationship: Wife
Gillis,Napoleon Age:  24 son Works in Saw Mill
Gillis,William  Age:   19 Relationship: son
Gillis,Charles Age:   16 Relationship: son
Gillis,Laura  Age:  14 Relationship: daughter

H 15/15 Parker Benjamin W.  Age:  31 Head of Household works in saw mill
Parker Amanada  Age:  28 Relationship: wife
Parker Rosa B. Age:  7 Relationship: daughter
Parker Minnie S Age:   2/12 Relationship: daughter

H 16/16 Gillis, John  Age:   52 Head of Household switch tender
Gillis, Emily C Age:   42 Relationship: wife
Gillis, Sarah A., Age:  20, Relationship: daughter
Gillis, Mary C., Age:   18, Relationship: daughter
Gillis, James E , Age:  12, Relationship: son
Gillis, Lilly B, Age:  5, Relationship: daughter

H 17/17 Carmean, Joseph C.,  Age: 58,  Head of Household Paralysis
Carmean Rachel, Age:  61,  Relationship: wife
Carmean Eliz H ., Age:  13, Relationship: Grand daughter
Carmean Levin T,  Age:  10, Relationship: Grandson
Carmean James A. , Age:   8, Relationship: Grandson
Carmean Alice, Age:  3, Relationship: granddaughter

H 18/18 Llyod, Cyrus W., Age:   40, Head of Household Cabinet Maker
Llyod, Sarah E. , Age:  34, Relationship: wife
Llyod, Edith E., Age:   10, Relationship: daughter
Llyod, William S. ,Age:  8, Relationship: son
Llyod, Minetta W. , Age:   6, Relationship: daughter
Llyod, Harry S., Age:  2, Relationship: son

H 19/19 Fooks, Minos H, Age:  38 Head of Household works in lumber mill
Fooks, Myra, Age:   29, Relationship: wife
Fooks, Harry L,  Age:   8, Relationship: son
Fooks, Maggie M, Age:  3, Relationship: daughter
Fooks, Rupert, Age:   1, Relationship: son

H 20/20 Foskey, Samuel E., Age:   37 Head of Household surveyor and teacher
Foskey Amelia H, Age:   26, Relationship: wife
Foskey Franklin F, Age:  1, Relationship: son

H 21/21  Melson, Thomas A.,  Age:   49,  head of household RR Section Hand
Melson, Nancy E, Age:  47 Relationship: wife
Melson, Ulysses, Age:   16 Relationship: son  Laborer
Melson, Laird,  Age:  14 Relationship: Son

H 22/22 Adkins, William S. Age:   34 Head of Household Laborer
Adkins Sarah E, Age:  39 Relationship: wife
Adkins William, Age:   8 Relationship: son
Adkins Merril, Age:   7 Relationship: son
Adkins George W., Age:   6 Relationship: son
Adkins Anna E , Age:   4 Relationship: daughter
Adkins Harry L , Age:   1 Relationship: Son

H 23/23 Culver, William S., Age:   40 Head of Household clerk in store
Culver, Ellen, Age:   30 Relationship: wife
Culver, William c.,  Age:   5 Relationship: son
Culver, Clara E, Age:  2 Relationship: daughter
Culver, Leslie D , Age:   1 Relationship: son
Culver, Laura E . born May Relationship: daughter

*H 24/24 Phillips, James D. , Age:   38 Head of Household RR conductor
Phillips, Theodosia , Age:   28 Relationship: wife
Phillips, Elizabeth, Age:  11 Relationship: daughter
Phillips, James H, Age:   6 Relationship: son
Phillips, Mary d, Age:   4 Relationship: daughter
Phillips, Kate C , Age:  2 Relationship: daughter
Phillips, Walter C , Age:  5/12 Relationship: son

H 25/25 Cordry, Hester, age 60 head of household

*H 26/26 Hearn, William H., age 37 head of household Carpenter
Hearn,Rachel A , Age:   22 Relationship: wife
Hearn,Richard E,  Age:  3 Relationship: son
Hearn,Jonathan ,  Age:   67 Relationship: father

H 27/27 LeCates, Nehemiah B. , Age:  37 head of household carpenter
LeCates Irene L , Age:  29, Relationship: wife
LeCates Sarah D,  Age:  12, Relationship: daughter
LeCates Kenneth F,  Age:  4, Relationship: son
LeCates Enola M. , Age:  2, Relationship: daughter
LeCates Oscar B, Age:   7/12, Relationship: son

H 28/28 Henry, Hosea C., Age:   39, head of household Carpenter
Henry Emily, Age:  38, Relationship: wife Milliner
Henry James A., Age:  13, Relationship: son
Henry Shebuel R, Age:  5 , Relationship: son

* marks people shown on the 1877 map 
For comparison below is the 1877 map of Delmar Maryland

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